The Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust was formed in 2009 to cater for proceeds of the sale of Norana Ball Park. The Trust's role is to manage its assets for the immense benefit of Softball, particularly in the Auckland region. The Trust is a registered Charity (CC41469) governed by a board of Trustees, whom you can learn more about through the Current Trustees page. 

The Trustees come from diverse backgrounds but share a desire to make a positive contribution to Softball by providing careful and stable management of the Trust's valuable assets for the long-term benefit of the game and its participants. 

The Trust currently has over $3 million of assets under management with a strategic vision to continue to grow that asset base, while making grants to worthy recipients whenever possible. Grants can be made to a wide variety of projects, and any request that falls within the Trust's objectives will be considered. The Applying for Funding tab will take you to all the information you need to consider when thinking about applying for a grant. 

The Trustees are committed to making sure the proceeds of the Trust go to causes and projects that will deliver a long-term sustainability benefit to the Auckland Softball community. 


116 Ti Kouka Crescent,


Whitianga 3592

Phone- 021 590 914
Email- asfct.trust@gmail.com